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Precision-Crafted Extrusion Billet & Cast Forging Stock

Service Center Metals produces SCM LaserLog®, the standard for consistency and quality in aluminum billet. Proudly made in the USA in our state-of-the-art facility, LaserLog® is available in the following basic specifications:

Alloys: 6061 and 6063 - other 6xxx Alloys are Subject to Inquiry
Diameters: 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 14" (-/+½%) - Other Diameters are Subject to Inquiry
Lengths: 144" to 300" (-/+½”) with Custom Lengths Available in Less-Than-Truckload Quantities
Straightness: Bow Tolerance of 0.040" per 3' or 3/8" Over the Entire Log Length

SCM LaserLog® is produced using the most-stringent process control, cutting edge metallurgical practices and renowned quality standards:

Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2015, PED 97/23/EC and LEED Certified; RoHS-2, DFARS and REACH Compliant
Chemistry: Optical Emission Spectrometry Sampling Every 30 Minutes per ASTM E716 and E1251
Grain Size: 150 Microns Maximum per ASTM E112
Filtration: Enhanced Dual Filtration Using 30-40 ppi Filters
Degassing: Rotary Degassing to Hydrogen Levels Less Than 0.19cc/100g
Outer Shell: SCM Proprietary Process to Produce Outer Shell Zone Thicknesses Similar to Vertically-Cast Billet
Bow: Bow Tolerance of 0.040" per 3' or 3/8" Over the Entire Log Length
Surface: Blemish Depth - 5/64" Maximum
UT Testing: Continuous Ultrasonic Testing for Cracks
Homogenization: Continuous Homogenization for Consistent Microstructure and Product Performance, Dissolution and Precipitation of Fine Mg2Si Constituent Phase using Rapid Cooling Greater 600F/hr Targeted β to α AlFeSi Phase Transformation for Specific Product Requirements

What does this mean for you? Superior product quality, higher productivity rates and enhanced downstream machinability and formability. To learn more about LaserLog’s unique advantages, Contact Us.