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SCM employee in aluminum extrusions plant
Adam, Extrusion Manager, 18 Years
SCM forklift operator
Victor, Scrap Inspector, 5 Years

What we do

Team Members at SCM help manufacture premium aluminum products. We start with raw materials which are melted down and cast into aluminum logs. Those logs are cut into billet and extruded into aluminum bars, beams and rods on one of our two extrusion presses. Logs, billet and our extruded products are used worldwide.

A breakdown of positions SCM offers


General Labor

Positions include:

  • Production Technician

  • Shipping & Receiving

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Positions include:

  • Forklift operators

  • Maintenance Technicians

  • Controls Technicians

  • Truck Drivers

  • Press Operators

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What it takes

Let's face it. It's hard work. SCM asks for your best. We call it the Can-Do attitude.

Team Members are on time, can take the heat — literally — and have that drive to do the job right.

Team Members work 12-hour rotating swing shifts, averaging just 15 days a month of work time, giving the needed time for rest, family and the quality of life you deserve.

Two SCM shipping technicians
Kyle, Shipping Technician, 1 Year
Emmitt, Shipping Technician, 5 Years
SCM press operator
Kevin, Press Operator, 10 Years

What we offer

With hard work comes reward. SCM is the preferred employer in the industry, and is committed to supporting our Team with competitive pay, great benefits, and incentives that make it all worthwhile.

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